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Professional level testing and exercising for virtually every attached storage device. Fibre Channel, SCSI, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), Serial ATA (SATA), and ATAPI supported.

Complete STB Suite $4995 (more info)

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Maintenance and support for the STB Suite

Performa is our maintenance program that offers One year full support for your investment, including product updates, added OS support, HBA support, new features, etc.

Performa $995 Active, $1995 less than one year, $2995 greater than one year (more info)

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Active Performa ($995) – License is still under maintenance coverage.
(New license purchase was less than one year ago or Performa is still active for the license)

Expired Performa ($1995) – License has lapsed maintenance by less than a Year. (New license purchase was longer than one year ago and less than two, or Performa has expired less than one year ago)

Expired Performa ($2995) – License has lapsed maintenance by more than one year. (New license purchase has been longer than two years ago, or Performa has expired for longer than one year)

Programming Customization/Support 40 hours of customization and/or support for the STB Suite products. Must be used one year from purchase date


STB MFG SUITE Licenses are annual licenses that use a Network USB Hardware Key dongle that will allow a set number of test machines to be running concurrently. The hardware key can be plugged into any computer in your company’s network. All test systems can have STB MFG Suite licenses installed and the number of concurrent licenses is set by your STB MFG Suite Network License.

STB MFG Suite Network Licenses (more info)

STB MFG Suite 5 License ($3475) – STB MFG Suite – 5 Seat License Network Key

STB MFG Suite 10 License ($6950) – STB MFG Suite – 10 Seat License Network Key

STB MFG Suite 20 License ($13900) – STB MFG Suite – 20 Seat License Network Key

For 50 and 250 seat Network licenses contact sales.

Replacement HWK

Replacement USB Hardware Key ($150) – USB Hardware Key License has stopped working and Performa coverage is NOT active. Your old, broken or defective key will need to be shipped back to qualify.

Purchase Order (PO) or Formal Quote Required?

If you need to purchase with a PO or need a formal quote please contact sales with your requirements and we’ll be glad to help you!

If you would like to talk to sales immediately please call Jeremy Wolfe at 720.249.2641.