STB Suite

July 2005

Measuring I/O Latency with BAM
Has this ever happened to you? You have a storage device that fails at a customer site, but when you bring it in to engineering it passes all of your tests. You try to tailor your tests to closely simulate the customer environment, but just can’t seem to duplicate the failure in your lab. Read the rest of the article here.


Need a piece of Pi? Give Glenn a call.

If you need to know the digits of pi out to 401 places, and you can write very fast, then give our pi specialist, programmer extraordinaire, and good friend Dr. Glenn Dean a call. At the web site you will see that Dr. Dean is ranked #11 in the USA, being able to recite pi to 401 digits in 6 minutes – way to go Glenn!

Glenn’s curriculum vitae includes:

  • Bachelor degree from Univ of California, Berkeley in Mathematics and Economics, 1982
  • Master degree from San Jose St Univ in Mathematics, 1988
  • PhD from Univ of Colorado, Boulder in Mathematics, 1993
  • Microsoft Certified Professional, 1999
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, 1999

In addition to his astonishing feats of pi Glenn has a perfect record of success helping with phone and email support – kudos Glenn!


STB at the SNIA show – Stop by for a chance to win an iPod
SCSI Toolbox will be at the SNIA show August 2nd and 3rd in San Jose. Stop by booth number 406 and drop your business card off at the booth for a chance to win a free iPod Mini! Show location:

Double Tree Hotel
2050 Gateway Place
San Jose , California
(408) 453-4000

For a list of exhibitors click here:
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Ask Dr. SCSI – DOD disk erase/sanitize standards?

Q. “I need to erase some disk drives to DOD standards. What are these standards, and how can I erase disks correctly and thoroughly?”

A. The DOD standards for disk erasure can be found at:

The bottom line for disks with data classified lower than Top Secret is that they may be erased by writing a data pattern to all disk blocks, then writing the complement of the first data pattern to all blocks, then writing random data to all blocks. An STB Disk Manufacturing Module (DMM) test sequence file may be downloaded here : – download it and you can erase multiple drives simultaneously and quickly with DMM.

What about disks with Top Secret or above data? Magnetic degaussing or physical destruction is the only approved solution.