STB Suite


SCSItoolbox Version 6.0 Release Notes

SCSItoolbox new features:

  1. Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) added
  2. Bus Reset Control added
  3. ATA Task Register commands added
  4. Bus reset added as test step to Disk Manufacturing Module
  5. Bus reset added as test step to Tape Manufacturing Module
  6. Bus reset added to Quick Commands menus
  7. Updated Tape LTO Read MAM data to comply with LTO gen1, 2, and 3 drives
  8. Updated Tape Manufacturing Module to allow moving test steps within a sequence

SCSItoolbox bug fixes:

  1. Fixed READ DEFECT issue in Disk Manufacturing Module that could cause problems with some RAID systems
  2. Fixed Random Write/Verify test to properly use block number data if specified

DTB new features:

  1. Added Bus Reset function
  2. Improved Bus Rescan function to force plug and play rescan
  3. Added ATA User Defined Command function