STB Suite

I need to set the Mode Pages on a batch of drives to certain settings, then test, then return the Mode Pages all to their factor default values.

First – Create a “Golden” drive – Set the Mode Pages for testing

Use the STB Suite Original Mode Edit Mode Page function to set all the Mode Pages the way you want for testing.

Next, Save those settings.

The use Original Mode top-menu Disk->Create Mode Page File for Diskscreening choice to save all of your Mode Page/Parameter settings to a disk file –

Now test with DMM

In DMM Pre-Test Actions check MODE Pages, Set Mode Pages with file, and browse to your saved Mode Page settings file –

Then do your testing

And finally, set all Mode Pages back to their factory defaults in Post-Test Actions –

That’s all there is to it!

Note – you could also choose to set all Mode Pages with a Mode Page Settings file after testing.

But wait, there’s more!

You could also set all Mode Pages to factory default in Pre-Test Actions.

Leave them alone, set them to default, set them to a Golden drive setting, before testing, after testing.