STB Suite

NVME SMART Log Page Display

The upcoming 10.0 release of STB Suite will have a comprehensive, easy-to-read, display of the NVME SMART data (Log Page 02h).

Here is a picture of the display:
At the very top of the display is the critical warnings section – these warnings come from the NVME system to let you know of anything that requires your immediate attention.

In addition to the critical warnings, other pieces of information concerning errors that you should pay attention to are the “Number of Error Log Entries” and the “Media and Data Integrity Errors”. As errors build up, the drive keeps a log of these errors that you inspect with STB Suite (these error log entries can be viewed using the menu item as seen in the below picture):

One of the most important SMART fields is the “Lifetime Usage” field – it is the drives prediction of how much of the “Total Lifespan” of the drive you have used up. So, for example, if the drive reports “15%” then it estimates you have used up 15% of the total lifespan of the drive, and that you still have 85% left.

Here at STB Suite we are asked many-many times “Is there a way to tell how many hours the drive has been up and running?” On the SMART display, notice the field “Power-On-Hours (POH)” field!

Also on the SMART display is how much you have written to the drive and read from the drive. The number that the drive reports is in “units of 512KB”. So in the picture above, we have “2,784,990” units written. To get the actual amount written you multiply by 512K to get approximately 1.46TB has been written to the drive.

If you need to analyze any particular set of bits and bytes that are not nicely displayed on the dialog, at the very bottom of the display we have the complete 4096 bytes of RAW data that was returned by the drive. You can save this data off to a textfile by clicking the “Save RAW Data to File”