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Strategic Alliance Program

SCSI Toolbox, LLC is proud to announce our Strategic Alliance Program. The companies and their products listed below, when used with the SCSItoolbox Suite, will help complete your peripheral testing needs.

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PC Pitstop

PC PitStop has been selling computer storage online since 1999 and have built a loyal following of Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government agencies, multimedia studios, consultants, you name it.

Their mission is to be competitive on selection and prices, while providing truly unmatched personal service. Everyone you reach at PC PitStop has in-depth experience with RAID storage. This means they can provide real-world insight into topics like performance, compatibility, bang for the buck, and the best solution for your needs.

View PC PitStop’s products and visit their web site

STB Recommends PC PitStop for all your Enclosure, HBA and Cable Testing needs. Contact STB directly to find out what products and part numbers we have tested and officially recommend.



MAGMA is the leading supplier of PCI Expansion Systems and Connectivity Products for a number of industries. Manufactured and sold out of San Diego, California, MAGMA provides innovative, high-tech expansion solutions to major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), resellers and end-users in more than 45 countries. In addition to a broad portfolio of expansion and connectivity related patents, MAGMA’s solutions include:

PCI-to-PCI Expansion Systems provides additional PCI slots for desktop computers and servers.
CardBus-to-PCI Expansion Systems that add PCI slots to both PC and Apple based laptop computers.
PCI Expansion Board Sets that allow OEMs to embed MAGMA’s PCI Expansion technology into their own systems or enclosures.
PCI and SBus Connectivity Products for Sun Microsystems workstations that range from a single parallel port card to systems that allow you to connect 128 RS-232 serial ports through a single slot.




In the early days of SCSI  HVD SCSI was introduced and a bit of a problem was created as SE SCSI and HVD SCSI cannot communicate.  Paralan Corporation developed converters to allow the communication and since then introduced more converters when LVD SCSI came into play.  Paralan continues to provide SCSI Converters (8 bit and 16 bit) in board level, table top and Rack mounted versions.  These converters may also used to extend bus length up to four times normal length.  SCSI Quiet Cable continues to be in demand as good SCSI cable is of great value.  The latest Paralan product is an iSCSI Bridge which allows communication between SCSI to iSCSI to take place.

To see all Paralan products visit the web site