STB Suite

SSD-Specific functionality in STB Suite

General Performance Testing/Measuring

All STB Suite tests which measure performance work on SSD drives. Performance metrics logged include:

  • Transfer rate in IOPs and MB/s
  • Command completion time
  • Inter-command latency times

Tests allow setting the blocks per transfer and queue depth for checking how those parameters affect performance.

Tests range from simple (READ, WRITE, etc) to complex (real-world combinations of access type, random/sequential, WRITE/READ)

SSD-Specific commands

SSD Precondition test in DMM

To “precondition a drive” is a fairly complex process, a process whose goal is to determine if the drive is in a stable state. This process involves writing the SSD drive twice, and then taking performance measurements, and then mathematically analyzing these measurements to determine if the drive is in a stable state. The new SSD Preconditioning Test incorporates all of this mathematical analysis, alleviating the user from having to digest all the complex criteria for this preconditioning process.

TRIM command

Allows the TRIM command to be issued and trim information to be viewed

SATA commands useful for SSD

Here is a list of SATA specific commands available

View/Set Features

Allows the SATA FEATURES of the drive to be viewed and manipulated


View IDENTIFY and SMART information including logs


Corrupt blocks

Create and remove uncorrectable errors to any LBA

Other general disk commands