STB Suite


STB Suite version 8.6 Release Notes


Additions and Fixes to the STB Suite

STB New Features

  1. SES Element->PHY->WWN Map Display
  2. LSI RAID SMP Passthrough function
  3. SATA & SAS drive Set/Report Identifying Information
  4. Add Report Supported Op Codes function
  5. Updated SAS-specific Log Pages
  6. Added function to “Short-Stroke” or change the capacity of SATA drives
  7. View SATA drive Device Configuration Overlay (DCO)  Feature Set settings

STB Fixes

  1. Changed the install process to set the default driver to STBTrace
  2. Extended the timeout on FORMAT commands to 30 hours
  3. Fixed SATA WWN display
  4. User Defined CDB
  5. SATA SMART Data Updates


Additions and Fixes to the Disk Manufacturing Module

DMM New Features

  1. All Advanced Options settings are per test step and will be saved/loaded when a sequence file is save or loaded.
  2. Threshold screening settings from the Test Thresholds tab are now saved in the test sequence files, also on a per-test basis.
  3. Advanced Options settings can be viewed/changed
  4. “On-Error” settings are saved per-test and are shown in the View Test Sequence Details view
  5. DMM implements LARGE transfers
  6. Added “Number of Drives Under Test” to DMM .log files

DMM Fixes

  1. Increased FORMAT command timeout to 30 hours to accommodate 3TB drives.
  2. Fixed integer size issues in Enhanced Workstation, Streaming, OLTP,FileServer, and WebServer tests to work with 3TB drives.
  3. Fixed Right-Click on drive->Blink This Drives LED to blink the LED if it’s there
  4. “Blocks Transferred” is displayed with comma’s on screen and in log files


Additions and Fixes to the Developers Toolbox

DTB New Features

  1. Ability to fail a test on a user-defined maximum latency
  2. VBPSSL   added STBTrace driver
  3. VCPSSL: Command-Probability-Sequencer Test, each command can now use pattern eUserPatBinary
  4. VCPSSL Special Options

DTB Fixes

  1. DTB implements LARGE transfers
  2. VCPSSL  memory problem for shipping payload data to the drive fixed


Additions and Fixes to the Bus Analyzer Module

BAM New Features

  1. Added full buffer editing functionality to the BAM Raw Data tab