STB Suite

STB Suite Corporate Licensing

Happy with the STB Suite, but need more licenses?

The STB Suite Corporate License was created for companies that need to run multiple instances of the STB applications without the need to physically move around a Hardware Key dongle. Also it is a great fit for companies that are interested in writing test tools with the Developer Toolbox for Field Service Technicians or would like the ability to ship Custom End-User utilities with their products as a value add. The Corporate license also makes sense for companies wanting to distribute a troubleshooting test tool to gather product information to assist help desk personal.

Companies have been using the STB Suite Corporate license for years. Find out if the options and pricing fit your company’s needs.


The Corporate License includes:
  • OEM version of the Full STB Suite or module(s)
  • Customization to your build
  • Top tier priority in support, feature requests and product enhancements
  • No Hardware keys
  • Unlimited annual companywide usage