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Getting Started Guide – SSD Manufacturing

The STB Suite has been helping customers for over two decades develop, test and ship HDD/SSDs.

Using non proprietary hardware you can setup a Hard Drive or Solid State Drive manufacturing (engineering, burn-in, QA) test environment that is flexible to your testing requirements. STB Suite can help you to verify the design of your new drive (compliance testing), performance threshold testing, burn-in (23-48hr), perform shock/vibration or voltage margining, or test hundreds of drives at a time. The STB Suite is completely configurable to tackle whatever peripheral testing you need to do. With a completely flexible Developer API included you can augment your existing test solution or use the easy to configure GUI in the STB Suite.

What you need to get started.

For SATA testing with the STB Suite, you’ll want to use a SAS controller that supports SAT (virtually every SAS controller on the market today supports this).

What hardware do I need to use the STB Suite for testing SATA drives?
I have a brand xyz SATA add-in card – can I use that for SATA testing with the STB Suite?
Why do I need a SAS HBA, I will be testing SATA drives?


What is involved in testing ATA and SATA Drives?

The STB Suite has powerful ATA and SATA drive testing capability which will allow you to completely test, diagnose, and profile the performance of any ATA, SATA drive. Of course the STB Suite will also thoroughly test SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and SAS drives – but here we will focus on some of the unique ATA and SATA features.



Technical Articles and HowTo Guides:

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SSD-Specific functionality in STB Suite

SSD-Specific functionality in STB Suite

General Information about SATA Drives

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Building up a Disk Manufacturing Module test sequence for testing

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Videos on how to setup STB Suite for SATA Testing

ATA testing functionality