STB Suite

January 2004

What is Developer Toolbox (DTB)?

DTB is a set of DLL’s that allow you to incorporate proven SCSI, Fibre Channel, and ATAPI functionality into your own programs. These DLL’s can be used with Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, or the included Scriptwriter Pro IDE and GUI design programs.



What can I do with DTB?

Anything you need! From issuing any CDB, through complete high-level threaded device tests, the DTB tools let you write programs to do whatever you need, working with whatever type of peripheral device you need to test.

Your tests can seamlessly integrate into existing or new company-wide test processes. You can output data or test results to any type of data collection or data base method that your company uses. You can make simple console apps or full blown GUI extravaganzas! All using the development tools that you already use.



How about a few examples?

STB customers are using DTB to integrate new device tests into existing manufacturing processes. We have customers using DTB to test functionality and compliance of new devices that are not released from engineering yet. Some customers use DTB to write long term ongoing reliability tests and feed test results to Oracle or Access databases. Others use DTB in engineering to write tests “on the fly” as test scenarios are thought of.



How do I get DTB?

If you have SCSItoolbox version 4.0 or above you already have it! The full SCSItoolbox includes DTB. If you have your recent SCSItoolbox Performa CD, there is a folder named “DTB Install CD’ – just navigate to that folder and run the ‘Setup.exe’ program to install.

If you don’t have your CD handy, use this link to download the latest version of DTB:

Developer Toolbox (version 4.2) download information:

Expired URL

This link will expire: Wednesday, January 30th, 2003



How do I learn to use DTB?

DTB comes with complete instructions to include DTB functions in your Visual Basic or Visual C++ projects. There are sample projects for each language that illustrate calling methods, and there is documentation for each set of function calls.

The new improved SCSI Toolbox website has a section called the “Script Crypt” where we publish sample source code for each language – just go to

Check back often as we add new sample code frequently.




What’s next for DTB?

More high level disk and tape tests. Protocol control to allow you to set or change any negotiated protocol parameters with certain SCSI host bus adapters. Easy to use functions to set the Negotiated Transfer Rates, and to issue SCSI bus resets. User defined ATA command functions that allow you to set all ATA Task Registers. And a DTB shared library for Linux.

Where do these new functions and tests come from? They come from customers like you asking us to implement them! If there is functionality that you need, just call or email and tell us what you need – Contact Support



New STB Website is up

The new SCSI Toolbox website is up. Have you checked it out yet? If not check out the new look at



December Survey winner!

We’d like to first thank everyone who participated in our December newsletter survey. Your feedback is appreciated and helps us continually improve our products, support, sales, etc.

Congratulations to Curtis Ballard at Hewlett Packard. He is the proud owner of a mini spy cam. Careful now, don’t get in trouble at work with that thing…

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