STB Suite


Q: What is the STB Manufacturing Package?

A: It is an economical way to greatly increasing your disk testing throughput


Q: What makes it economical?

A: An annual licensing price of $695 per seat


Q: What are the licensing terms in simple language?

A: The seats are:

  • Annual Licenses (12 months at a time)

  • Include all updates released during the annual term

  • Available in quantities of 5 through 250 seats per key


Q: What software is included?


  • The STB AME Automated Manufacturing Engine – executes DMM Test under Windows, and

  • the STB DME Disk Manufacturing Engine – runs many DMM Test Sequences under Linux


Q: What other requirements are there?

A: You must own at least one full STB Suite and keep it under Performa coverage


Q: How many drives can be tested at a time per license?


  • It depends on your test system configuration.

  • There are no limits in the software as far as number of drives which can be tested.

  • Existing customers commonly process hundreds of drives at a time per system.


Q: How does it work- how do I use it?

A: You:

  • Use your full STB Suite to develop your Test Sequences.

  • Then run those Test Sequences using AME on your volume test systems.

  • All tests are run the same as under DMM

  • All logging is the same as under DMM

  • Test Sequences can be run but can’t be changed, making them safe to be operated by non-engineers.


Q: Where can I get more information?

A: Just give us a call at 720-249-2641, email, or use our online form: Contact Us