STB Suite

March 2005

BAM! – SCSItoolbox Suite version 6.0 Preview

The STB Suite is boasting of some great new features. The STB Suite is continually revolutionizing the Enterprise Testing Industry. Some of the key features in the 6.0 Release are listed below.

  • The SCSItoolbox can now capture trace data for SCSI, FC, ATA, SATA, ATAPI, and SAS devices.
  • Detailed new measurements.
  • Amazing new real time graphing.
  • Detailed performance analysis.
  • Complete Bus Reset Control.
  • ATA/SATA task register level User Defined commands.

The Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) alone will save you hours when writing your own tests. You can also save money on that bottle of Ibuprofen when you can actually see the sequence of commands that is causing a customer problem – one that you just can’t seem to isolate back in your test lab. You’ll know right away, i s the problem caused by a backplane problem , backup software or other interfering software program, cabling, or something else? We’re confident you’ll ask the question after you’ve tried version 6.0 of the SCSItoolbox Suite, “How did I live without this functionality integrated into the Toolbox before?”

The Full 6.0 preview of the SCSItoolbox Suite can be read about here: Expired URL




New Pricing – STB New Pricing Structure?

For the past decade SCSItoolbox has added hundreds of new test and dozens of new modules and core component upgrades. Unfortunately, all of the great new functionality and continual stellar support doesn’t come without a price.

Come April 15th, 2005 the new pricing structure will be in place for SCSI Toolbox Products.

New Pricing can be found here:




Pre-Order STB Version 6 and save BIG!

If you pre-order the SCSItoolbox Suite version 6.0 you’ll receive a whooping $1500 discount off the new price! If you pre-order the SCSItoolbox Suite by April 15th 2005 you’ll qualify for this Huge Offer: Expired URL





Ask Dr. SCSI – Still the number one FAQ.

Dr. SCSIAt least once a week our support staff is asked the most commonly asked question.

Q. “Can the SCSItoolbox read the firmware out of a drive?”

A. The answer is still “No, it can’t”! Drive manufacturers do not implement a SCSI command that allows the firmware to be read out of the drive.

Click here, to read the full list of Frequently Asked Questions.




Did you know…

That you can mark any block on a disk drive as being bad?

Simple go to the Disk->Commands-Defect (Bad Block) Functions->Reassign Block menu choice. Enter the LBA that you want to mark as bad, then click the “Reassign” button.

To see your newly added bad block go to the Disk_Commands->Defect(Bad Block) Functions->Display Defect Data menu choice. Click on the “Grown Defects” button and you will see your newly added bad block.