STB Suite

January 2007

6.1.1 SCSItoolbox Suite Now shipping!

The 6.1.1 Release of the SCSItoolbox Suite is currently shipping to Active Performa customers. If you are interested in receiving this 6.1.1 release please contact Sales. Read the full 6.1.1 release notes here.

If you haven’t received your Performa Email (download information) please contact Jeremy Wolfe using our Contact form or 720.249.2641, please have your STB Serial Number handy.

New! BAM (Bus Analyzer Module) filtering options

The Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) in STB Suite vs 6.1 has new filtering options to make it even more usable! You can now filter to exclude all CDB’s issued by a given device driver, and/or you can filter to ignore specific CDB’s.

For instance, you can ignore any commands issued by the Windows Plug and Play driver. Or you can tell BAM to ignore all TEST UNIT READY commands.

The new filtering options make trace analysis that much quicker and easier. To insure that you receive the latest improvements to BAM and the rest of the STB Suite be sure to keep your Performa coverage current!

The White Paper – “Using New BAM Filter Options” is available online here.




New DTB/SWP Examples added to Scrypt Crypt

We’ve compiled a bunch of new ScripteWriter Pro (SWP) and Developer Toolbox (DTB) examples for you to download for free! These will be included on the 6.11 release as well. If there are examples that you would like to see, please contact us and let us what you are looking for. Download the new files here:


Ask Dr. SCSI – Performance testingDr. SCSI

Q. My company is designing a revolutionary new storage device and my boss just told me I need to provide some performance statistics for a management report by next week. I have some experience using Visual Basic – what do I do?

A. Easy, just use your Developers Toolbox (DTB)! It is a powerful and proven set of development libraries which are include with every SCSI Toolbox Suite. DTB lets you use any standard Microsoft development platform to easily create custom tools or tests for any peripheral you need to test. Several example projects are available for you to use as a starting point – just go to the Scrypt Crypt at the SCSI Toolbox web site ( and you’ll be writing your own test applications in no time.