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April 2007

Queued Commands using Developers Toolbox (DTB – API)

Queued Commands using Developers Toolbox (DTB - API)A new feature implemented in Developers Toolbox (DTB) allows you to specify that tests issue queued commands up to a specified queue depth.

As an example the code sequence below will execute a sequential write test on the device at HA 6, Target 0, LUN 0. The test will run for one minute, and will attempt to achieve a queue depth of 4.





To see the actual queue depth achieved use BAM to capture the test I/O. The Queue Depth Meter will show you maximum and instantaneous queue depth. You can also use the Trace Performance Analysis and the I/O Statistics tab to see what queue depth was achieved.

Quedepth1 Screenshot

Quedepth2 Screenshot

Quedepth3 Screenshot


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New! Tape motion tutorial walkthrough and movie.

Training videosWe’ve added a new Tape motion tutorial available online here:

SCSIToolbox provides an easy to use command center to completely control your tape drive. Simply right-click on a tape device in the device display and choose Motion/Data, or click the top-menu choice Tape->Commands->Motion/Data commands.

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Ask Dr. SCSI – You don’t need BAM – or do you?Dr. SCSI

Q. You don’t need BAM – or do you?

A. After all, you’re just making a little test for a “known good” peripheral. But your test is hanging occasionally.

While capturing the test I/O using BAM you notice a flash of RED on the screen – a CHECK CONDITION. Your device is reporting that it is write protected Write protect Screenshot you check the device and find a defective intermittent write protect sensor!

You didn’t need BAM to write your test, but it saved you lots of troubleshooting time!