STB Suite


STB Suite version 9.0 Release Notes


  • Use new Sentinel HASP drivers for Server 2008, Server 2012, Windows 8 support

AME – New Product

  • Has the ability to be fully automated from either a command window or a batch file
  • Has the ability to execute different test sequences to different drives
  • Has the ability to accept a configuration file that indicates to the automation engine where the logfiles are to be stored, and which test sequences are to be run against which disk drives
  • Has the ability to accept a list of disk drives to run the automation engine against
  • Has the ability to accept user-defined test sequences created within DMM



  • If an error occurs on the last I/O, we sometimes “double-report” the error
  • If you modify a test from Sequential access to CPAM access, the “View Test Sequential Details” does not show the correct information

DMM/TMM Additions/New Features

  • Updated TMM Read LTO MAM test to be compatible with LTO drives through LTO 6
  • Update DMM Add-In EVPD to decode EVPD page data
  • Update SATA SMART attribute definitions
  • Update DMMSATAWriteSame DMM Add-in test to use various data patterns to allow for DoD5220 purges using WriteSame.
  • DMMSataSecureErase Add-in test added
  • Update internal writesame tests to log the data pattern used
  • Add ability to define multiple workers to do a test
  • Add ability to record up to 10 CDBs that preceded an error



Additions/New Features

  • In FillSRB, propagate the cScsiRequestCode to the SRB’s SRB_TargStat field so that VCSCSIGetErrorDetails will report the Target Status properly
  • Updated documentation for VCSCSIAddDiskDeviceToBeTested



  • Inquiry Display shows invalid data (when you right-click on a device and click Inquiry, it shows more data than is really in the inquiry data, which was confusing)
  • Updated LTO Read Cartridge Memory command to be compatible with LTO drives through LTO6
  • Updated SATA TRIM command to only try to work on SSD drives
  • Update SATA SMART attribute definitions

Additions/New Features

  • SATA Secure Erase added to Disk->Commands->Data Functions

DMM Add-ins


  • corrected wrong command code

DMMSataSecureErase – added