STB Suite

Unlimited Full Speed HDD and SSD purging

Of course the STB Suite can purge Drives!

For decades the STB Suite has been the professional industry standard peripheral testing for engineers, firmware developers, enclosure development teams, RMA depots, QA, Burn-in, and field service technicians. However, did you know the STB Suite has the capability of DoD purging, wiping and otherwise completely erasing all data on drives returned from lease, cloud server computers and more?

That’s right, the STB Suite can handle your drive purging capabilities with ease!


No cost Per Drive

The STB Suite can not only purge the data but it can wipe these drives clean for no cost per disk! That’s right, you can purge unlimited drives for a FIXED price with the STB Suite! If you’ve done your research you’ll know that most purging solutions have a cost per drive associated with them. The STB Suite can purge Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives alike.


More than just purging

Not only can the STB Suite handle these drive purging needs but if you do have a problem after you’ve purged the data or the drives are preventing you from erasing them with the STB Suite you can do more advanced drive testing like:

  • update Firmware
  • reset the drive to factory defaults
  • check/screen or set the HDD/SSD block size
  • check/screen drives based on SMART attributes
  • check/screen drives based on P and G Lists
  • Experience that speaks for itself

We’ve been purging drives for over 2 decades! With our original DoD certified purging tool the SCSI Data Scrubber the STB Team knows what it takes to purge drives totally, completely, quickly, and with a detailed audit trail. As you know 20 years ago there were no SATA drives on the market. SCSI, SAS, FC, and SATA drives have changed over the years but the STB Suite can still purge all of them utilizing the newest technologies, methods, and standards for purging the latest protocols, biggest, and fastest drives on the market.

We still get asked about our DoD (Department of Defense) certified product the SCSI Data Scrubber.


STB Suite purging logs can be customized

but right out of the box include system information, user information, date/time stamps, detailed drive information with tests performed and more. You can watch the video on how to perform the test setup here:



Incredibly low cost professional disk purging solution

Start purging drives in bulk for about $6K! That’s right, you can get started and scale up your HDD/SSD purging (and advanced testing if you desire) for about $6,000.

In this purging video we show you full speed purging on 30 drives. The test machine is made of up the following expenses:

  1. $150 – Old Windows Server
  2. $30 – Old SAS HBA
  3. $400 – Drive Enclosure(s)
  4. $5,000 – STB Suite
  5. $6,000 Total Expense



Real world numbers on becoming a re-seller

In this example video we’re testing 30 ST900MP drives. These are 900GB drives which the STB Suite can purge at 256 MB/s. A full purge will take 56 minutes. Let’s call it one hour.

Todays eBay price for these drives is $400 ea. Our example test setup can purge 30 of these drives per hour.

In an 8-hour day you could purge (think of “purge” as “sell/ship”) 240 of these drives, for revenue of $96,000 per day

Your total out of pocket costs are about $6,000.

Your investment can purge 240 $400 drives per day.

Every day.

With no additional charge.

$6,000 → $96,000 per day. Over, and over, and over.

But, what about the “Per-Drive” charge?

Doesn’t it cost me about $1 per-drive?

in a word – a great word…


With the STB Suite there is NO per-drive purge charge.

What’s more, the STB Suite can do much, much more than purge drives.

Take a look at our website to see all the testing you can do with the STB Suite.

Take a look at our virtual training center with online videos, FAQ’s answered in videos, and more.



  • You can purge 1 drive at a time at full speed
  • You can purge 30 drives at a time at full speed
  • You could purge 100 drives… at full speed!

for about $6,000

with the new STB/MFG package you can set up 5 more test systems for about $5000/year additional.

If you’re ready to:

  • stop paying per-drive

  • stop slow many-drive purging

  • stop having to buy expensive hardware


  • Start increasing your bottom line

Call or Contact Sales today!