STB Suite

Disk Manufacturing & Screening Module (DMM) Quick Tests


A new feature in STB Suite vs 9.1 is DMM Quick Tests.

Quick Tests streamlines the process of choosing a test sequence, locating the test sequence, and loading the test sequence.

The Pre-Installed Quick Tests

There are five test sequences pre-installed in the Quick tests list –

SATA Quick QC Test


SCSI Quick QC Test


DoD-5220 Purge Test

SATA Stress Test


SCSI Stress Test


Adding your own Test

You may add any number of your own test sequences to the Quick Tests list.

Define Your Test Sequence

Or, if you already have a test sequence in mind to add to the Quick Test list, load it into DMM using the Load Setup button.

Add your Test

For example, I want to add my own Quick QC test sequence into the Quick Test list.

Step 1 – First I load MyQCTest.seq into DMM – here is the Test Sequence detail –



Step 2 – Click the Add/Del new .seq button


-Step 1 – enter the name of the test as you want it to appear in the Quick Test pull-down list

-Step 2 – browse to and choose your test sequence file

-Step 3 – add it all into the Quick Test list




View the Test List –

Use the Pull-down to display the Quick Test test list – your new test appears in the list!


Run the test

1. Choose your test from the Quick Test pull-down

2. Click Add selection to ‘Test Sequence’



3. Voila – your test is loaded and ready to run!


Summary –

Populate the Quick Test test list with all of your most used DMM test sequences for Quick accessibility!

The DMM Quick Test feature is included in STB Suite version 9.1. For more information on the version 9.1 release contact sales at 720-249-2641 or email