STB Suite

ATA Drive Confidence Test

This new test is part of the STB Suite, version 8.1.

It tests all aspects of SATA drives, including write, read, data integrity, spin up/ spin down, and the state of the drives SMART data and logs. The progress and results of each test step is reported and may be written to a log file.

As each test step is begun its description will be colored blue. If the test results in an error the description will be marked red. If the test step is successful it will be marked green.


The test has several options:

  • Destructive – with this option checked the test will run write data integrity tests on the beginning, middle, and end sections of the drive.
  • Self-Test – you may choose to run either a SHORT, EXTENDED, CONVEYANCE, or SELECTIVE SMART self-test. The test displays how long each type of self-test will take to complete.



If a test segment encounters an error its description will be marked in RED.

SMART Data: In the case of SMART data the test will fail if any SMART parameter value has exceeded its corresponding threshold value. The failing parameter data will be marked in the results window in RED.

SMART Logs: If any SMART self-test log reports a failure the test segment will fail. The self-test log which indicates a failure will be marked in the results window in RED.

Notes: This test will only run on drives which are connected to a native (motherboard) SATA port. Nvidia based SATA ports are not currently supported.