STB Suite


SCSItoolbox Suite version 8.0 Release Notes

All Products Additional Features & Tests

  • New device driver which allows higher I/O rates plus queuing and compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit OS’s
  • Installation package will now allow for 32bit and 64bit OS’s

All products bug fix

  • Fixed problem with USB commands that have no data phase

SCSItoolbox Suite (STB) Additional Features & Tests

  • SATA firmware downloads
  • Replace SEEK commands with 1-block READ for ATA drives
  • New SES output of all pages
  • Enhanced SATA SMART and IDENTIFY information display

Developer Toolbox API (DTB) Bug Fixes

  • Threaded test will use all the characters in the serial number when creating log files for devices under test

Developer Toolbox API (DTB) Additional Features & Tests

  • Function added to change default driver in registry
  • New API in VCPSSL to define where to store the log files

Manufacturing Module (DMM) Bug Fixes

  • Replace SEEK commands with 1-block READ for ATA drives
  • Fixed problem with I/O counter overflow after 4.2 billion I/O’s

Manufacturing Module (DMM) Additional Features & Tests

  • If test fails, to run an external program and depending on the outcome of this external program to proceed to the next test or to stop all test.
  • Logging of the external program return code is logged
  • User defined timeout values in DMM

Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) Bug Fixes

  • Fixed device discovery so that BAM addressing coincides with STB and system addressing