STB Suite


SCSItoolbox Suite version 7.0 Release Notes

SCSItoolbox32 (STB) Additional Features & Tests

  • Disk Performance/Error Graphing Test
  • Load/Execute BAM Trace in CDB Sequencer
  • Display Performa Expiration Date
  • Default Driver Selection Option
  • Launch Bus Analyzer from within STB
  • Command description file choice added to CDB Sequencer
  • Improved Device Discovery method
  • Display CHECK CONDITION in Red in CDB Sequencer

SCSItoolbox32 (STB) Bug Fixes

  • Fixed READ DEFECT DATA by Logical Block
  • Fixed Dongle Serial Number display
  • Fixed 16-byte READ CAPACITY
  • Fixed display of EVPD SERIAL NUMBER data
  • Fixed Log Page description file parsing

Manufacturing Module (DMM,TMM) Additional Features & Tests

  • Added Advanced Options choice to specify location of log files

Manufacturing Module (DMM,TMM) Bug Fixes

  • Changed file share status of DMM text logfile

Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) Additional Features & Tests

  • Added Save to CDB Sequencer File option
  • Improved Trace Save operation
  • Added Sense Data interpretation to Individual I/O display tab

Bus Analyzer Module (BAM)  Bug Fixes

  • Made all functions (Find, Individual I/O, Raw Data, Analysis) work on saved file data as they do with live data