STB Suite

DMM Log Information

STB Suite 8.7 features several new pieces of information presented at run-time as well as recorded in the log files.

New Device Display

The device display has been improved to display more information at a glance. Each drive has an individual status line which makes seeing overall test progress much easier –

Drive Status:

Note that it is plain to see which drives are running and which test step each drive is on. The drive shown in yellow with the status “Done with all tests” is a drive which has had testing stopped by the user. The drive shown in violet is paused during test pass 1, and the two drives shown in blue are running, one on test step 1 and the other on test step 3. The check boxes show which drives were selected for testing.


Select All drives

Also note – there is a check box next to each adapter in the system. Checking this box will select all drives attached to this adapter. This allows much quicker selection when many drives are attached to each adapter.

Drive Control

Right-clicking on any drive will bring up a list of drive control options –

Each drive can be individually stopped, paused, resumed, etc.


Drive Status details

The Get Status choice displays current drive performance metrics along with estimated time to complete, throughput measurements for the selected drive as well as overall aggregate system throughput –


New Log File Information

There are many new pieces of information now included in the DMM log files.

Log File Name

Starting with the log file name there is a new option found in the Advanced Options tab  – Add Date-Time to Logfile Name. Checking this option will append the date and time to the log file name –

General Test Run Information

The start of each log file includes information about the test system and test environment –
>> SCSI Toolbox32, Version 8. 7. 0 (build) 130104, running on \\W7TEST        <<
>> Default Driver: 10, Operating System: Windows 7<<

>> Number of Drives Under Test: 4 <<

Information includes:
-The STB Suite version and build number
-The name of the test system
-Which driver is being used
-What operating system is being used
-How many drives are selected for testing


Specific Drive Information

Next the specific information about the drive is logged –
Device:  4:269:0   Vendor: SEAGATE, Product: ST33000650SS   Serial: 9XK03MAW0000S105QVKP, Version: 0721

Capacity: 3,000.59 GB, BlockSize: 512 (0x200)

This information includes:
-The drives address (HBA, Target, LUN)
-The vendor and product, and firmware version information
-The drives serial number
-The drives capacity and blocksize

Test Sequence File Information

Next, the file name of the test sequence that is running is displayed –
Script Filename:  C:\Users\mikej\Documents\aaa-DoD5220.seq

User-defined Text Information

The operator name and general test information which was entered at test run time is displayed –
— SPECIAL TEXT: DoD5220 Disk Purge Test – 3 pass write & verify


Test Step Information

Details of each test step is logged next. This information includes the User-defined text for each test step along with all test parameters –
— TEXT FOR THIS TEST: DoD5220-write pass 1
  01/14/2013  09:40:58  TEST 1 of 4:
                          Write Test; Sequential; for 2,000,000 Blocks
                          Fixed-Length Transfers of 128 (0x0080) Blocks
                          Start Block: 0 
                          Data Pattern: All Zeros
                          Queue Depth = 1
                          FUA = OFF
                          Stop-on-Error Type: Stop Current Test

Next, performance metrics and test results for the test step is logged –
01/14/2013  09:41:15  Test Completed Successfully

                        Transfer Rate: 57.41 MB/sec
                        I/O Per Second: 919.12 IO/sec
                        Number of Blocks Transferred: 2,000,000
                        Fastest Command Completion Time: 0.496 ms
                        Slowest Command Completion Time: 18.927 ms
                        Average Command Completion Time: 1.066 ms
                        Standard Deviation of Command Completion Times: 0.414 ms

  01/14/2013  09:41:15                                                 PASSED