STB Suite

Build/Run Test Sequences using STB Suite

Under the STB Disk or Test Command menus is the Build/Run Script selection:

This menu choice lets you quickly define scripts which can send user defined commands and call tests from the suite of standard STB tests.

These scripts will run on one drive at a time. You can choose to cycle through multiple devices. If you need to run tests or issue commands to multiple drives you should use the Disk or Tape Manufacturing Modules (DMM/TMM) instead.


This choice will let you send any command which you have previously specified and added into your User Defined Command file, by having used the Disk or Tape ->Commands->User Defined Commands function.


You can select from choices of Disk tests or Tape tests – this example will choose Disk tests


Specify the MODE PAGE and MODE PAGE data. This will cause the script to issue a MODE SELECT command to the specified drive. Please be careful – specifying incorrect MODE PAGE data can cause your drive to malfunction. If you make a mistake, use the Disk->Commands->Mode/Log Page Functions->Restore Factory Defaults function to fix the drive. After all, we’d never leave you up a creek without a paddle!

For instance, compare the two buffers to check for expected data

As you can see, this is a quick way to create a script which can easily send custom commands and issue standard tests to drives. As mentioned above, you should also investigate the STB Suite Disk and Tape Manufacturing Modules for testing large numbers of devices, with more detailed logging functions.