2017 End of Quarter Promotion

STB Suite | The Industry Standard in Peripheral Testing.


For the last quarter of 2017 you can save big time on a New STB Suite for $2495 per license or bringing your old license up to speed with a $1495 Performa amnesty!


From now until 12/31/2017 get your order in for a New STB Suite license v10 at $2495 or bring your old STB Suite license back up to date for $1495.

By taking advantage of this offer you’ll save $2500 off a new STB Suite license and you can save $1500 on upgrading an old license to v10.

Now is a great time to save on your New Full STB Suite license and gear up for your 2018 testing.

Don’t worry if you can’t order online. In the past we’ve only allowed these offers to be purchased online, however, this year we are extending this offer to allow for Purchase Orders from qualified customers.


End of Quarter Promotions

Save $2500!

Save $1500!


This year the STB Suite has added support for NVMe, improved testing and purge times, and tweaked numerous tests. You can read about all these changes online here.

Contact sales with questions about this promotion.


These limited time promotional product codes will expire 12/31/2017.