STB Suite

May 2004

April Survey Winner

Congratulations to James Yeh at Xyratex International. He won $100 gift certificate for We’ll have another survey next month for another chance to win!



Agreement signed with CatC

SCSI Toolbox has signed an agreement with Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC) to co-market each others products.

CATC (NASDAQ: CATZ), is a global communication protocols expert company, providing test & measurement solutions for Computer I/O, Storage and Networking protocols, enhancing productivity and time to market.



Performa 5.03 Announcement

The SCSItoolbox version 5.0.3 Performa release will be shipping during the first part of June.

This release includes:

  1. Disk Manufacturing Module
    • I/O transfer size raised from 64K to 1016K
    • Fixed length or random length transfer size per I/O
    • Re-running test bug fixed
    • Test status page displays more information
    • View test configuration improved
  2. Tape Manufacturing Module
    • I/O transfer size raised from 64K to 1016K
    • Re-running test bug fixed
    • View test configuration added
  3. Total Jukebox Test
    • Changed to specify HBA/Target/LUN of each tape drive
    • Numerous bugs fixed
    • Support for Microsoft iSCSI driver added

Current Performa subscribers will be receiving your update CD early in June. If your maintenance has lapsed you can renew your Performa coverage at



Did you know…

…that a text report is created for each device that is tested in the Disk and Tape Manufacturing Modules? The file will be created in your SCSItoolbox folder, with a filename that reflects the address and serial number of the device. For instance if you test a drive at HBA 2, Target 1, LUN 3 the file will be “02-001-03-CXB37H1136.log”. This file will show all of the tests in the test sequence, showing all test parameters and results. If an error occurred during testing the error information will be logged there as well.



Ask Dr. SCSI The real Dr. SCSI

Q. “What do those Sense Key, Sense Code, and ASQ numbers mean?”

A. Sense information is how a storage devices can tell the computer that they are connected to that there was a problem executing a command. Sense data is arranged in a hierarchy where the Sense Key gives an overall error type, and the Sense Code and Additional Sense Qualifier (ASQ) supply more specific details about the error. You can download a complete list of Sense Data codes at