STB Suite

April 2005

Bus Resets during testing

Being able to issue bus resets at various times during testing can be a handy way to confirm device behavior at reset conditions, as well as being useful to clear devices that have become “stuck” due to other errors. The STB Bus Reset Tool provides three ways to introduce bus resets into your test scheme – Read more about this Version 6 included Module and see screenshots here



ATA Task Register Commands

If you are testing ATA/SATA and/or ATAPI devices you may have a need to issue commands outside of what are implemented in ATAPI. For instance, you may need to issue an ATA SET FEATURES command to turn read ahead caching off, write caching on, change the data transfer mode, etc. The new ATA Task Register Commands feature lets you issue any ATA command – Read more about this Version 6 included Module and see screenshots here



The 5.3 SCSItoolbox Suite Manual Download

The SCSItoolbox Suite Manual for version 5.3 is available for download in the link below. Expired URL

The release notes can be read hear about this release as well:



Ask Dr. SCSI – Hot Swap IssueDr. SCSI

Q. Sometimes my system doesn’t recognize devices when I hot-swap them. What can I do?

A. The new version 6 release of the STB Suite includes a new “stronger” bus rescan feature that forces the Windows plug and play manager to do a better rescan effort than in previous releases. This new rescan is invoked automatically during SCSItoolbox rescans, is invoked at the beginning of both Disk and Tape Manufacturing module test runs, and is also a callable function within the Developers Toolbox API.