STB Suite

January 2003

Preview of 3.10 SCSItoolbox (Mar ’03)

The new Disk Manufacturing Module that will be included in the 3.10 release of the Toolbox.

Load Manufacturing Module from SCSItoolbox32
Manufacturing Module Configuration Multi-Drive
Manufacturing Module Configuration Multi-Adapter

For a preview of the the 3.10 DriveWatch multi-drive graphing feature, click here to view a screenshot of the progress of the graphing.

Both features are included for active Performa customers, and new purchases!

STB Scrypt Crypt© – Quick Survey

We talked about another chance to win a cool prize from SCSI Toolbox. Well, here’s your chance! By receiving this email, you are qualified to take the Scrypt Crypt Quick Survey which will enter you for a chance to win one of these cool clocks.

Click here to take the survey and be entered to win one of these nifty time pieces.

ATAPI fix – for version 3.9 STB

Thanks to all of you who reported the ATAPI bug in the 3.9 release of the SCSItoolbox. To download the fix and the installation instructions please click here.

SCSItoolbox on Ultra320

We recently had the opportunity to work with the new Verisys/CATC SV-8320 Ultra 320 SCSI bus analyzer here in the SCSI Toolbox labs. A breakthrough for SCSI developers involved in digital design, the SV-8320 featuring SCSI-View 5.0 software now shows SPI-4 Information Units(IUs) as separate events within the Phase View.

We ran the SCSItoolbox through an LSI 20320 hba, attached to IBM and Seagate U320 disk drives, with the SV-8320 terminating the SCSI bus.

As always, the SCSItoolbox was able to generate full speed traffic to the disk drives. The addition of the SV8320 allowed us to watch all bus phases as protocols and transfer rates were negotiated, and to confirm that IO operations were indeed running at Ultra320 speeds.

Go to for more information on the SV-8320 analyzer.

SCSIdisktool 3.9

Are you “diskcentric?” Was the last tape you worked with used on a Christmas present? When you think of a library do you see a building full of books? If you answered yes to any of these questions we have the perfect test tool for you – the SCSIdisktool!

The SCSIdisktool is an economical entry-level diagnostic program used for testing/diagnosing/qualifying disk devices. Derived from the industry-standard SCSItoolbox, the SCSIdisktool is based on solid, proven technology that has years of dependable service behind it from its installed base of thousands.

The following tests are included:

  • Sequential Read
  • Sequential Write
  • Sequential Write/Read
  • Sequential Write/Verify
  • Sequential Scan for errors
  • Random Read
  • Random Write
  • Random Write/Read
  • Random Write/Verify
  • Random Scan for errors
  • Quick QC
  • Quick Drive Profiile
  • AV/Data performance compare
  • Drive Self Test (DST)
  • All tests can do large (1mb or more) transfers
  • Drive Confidence Test

The following commands are built in:

  • Start drive
  • Stop drive
  • Read Capacity
  • Change Capacity
  • Read Blocksize
  • Change Blocksize
  • View Mode Pages
  • Edit Mode Pages
  • Restore default Mode Pages
  • View Log Pages
  • Optimize for A/V use
  • Optimize for data use
  • Download firmware
  • Format
  • Display Defect Data

The SCSIdisktool supports all SCSI and Fibre Channel disks, and sells for $799.

Ask Dr. SCSI

The real Dr. SCSIQ. “I need to test Fibre Channel devices at customer sites. What do you recommend for a portable test setup?”

A. The Doctor knows just what you need – I’m going to prescribe a portable two-slot PCI expansion box that interfaces to your notebook PC. The Magma CB2 box plugs into your notebook CardBus slot and has room for two full size PCI cards. Load it up with a Fibre Channel HBA, or perhaps an Ultra 320 LVD board, and you are able to interface at full speed to any peripheral you need to test. The CB2 is available direct from Magma – for $895.

Did you know?Map Tape Conents

Is one backup set on your tape bad, and rest good? Are they all unreadable? How many are there?

The Map Tape Contents Test will show everything that has been written on a tape. File marks, tape marks, data, and the read error count for each group of data blocks. Run this non-destructive test on any previously written tape to see how the data is arranged, how many file marks separate data files, and how many read errors are encountered when reading the data blocks.

Did you know?Scan System

…that you can select what device to test from the tree display with the Scan System button at the top of the device display. All host adapters, and all attached targets, and all logical units under all targets are displayed in one easy-to-read display. New in SCSItoolbox version 3.9.0 is the ability to choose the device to test from this display. Simply double-click on the device you want to test, and there you are!