STB Suite


First, what is SECURE ERASE?

The actual name of these commands is SECURITY ERASE, not SECURE ERASE. We’ll just call it SE from now on. The SE commands were developed as a method for an ATA/SATA disk drive to erase all data on itself. This functionality is built into the firmware of virtually all ATA and SATA drives manufactured since the early 2000’s. It is a government agency approved method of purging all data from a disk drive.

There are two levels of SE – Normal and Enhanced, with the enhanced level being an option that may or may not be implemented on any particular drive.

This table from the T13 ATA/ATAPI Command Set 4 documentation shows the differences –

SATA Erase Mode Characteristics

Drives that implement SE will report:

  • If they support SE or not
  • If they support SE Enhanced Mode or not
  • An estimate of how long a normal and an enhanced SE will take to complete

Does the STB Suite have a SE function?

Yes, as of version 9.0 the STB Suite has the ability to run a SE on either individual drives or on multiple drives simultaneously.

You can watch videos showing how to run a SATA SE from the Single Drive (Orginal Mode) and the Multi-Drive (DMM) from our Virtual Training Center here: