First, what is SECURE ERASE?

The actual name of these commands is SECURITY ERASE, not SECURE ERASE. We’ll just call it SE from now on. The SE commands were developed as a method for an ATA/SATA disk drive to erase all data on itself. This functionality is built into the firmware of virtually all ATA and SATA drives manufactured since the early 2000’s. It is a government agency approved method of purging all data from a disk drive.

There are two levels of SE – Normal and Enhanced, with the enhanced level being an option that may or may not be implemented on any particular drive.

This table from the T13 ATA/ATAPI Command Set 4 documentation shows the differences –

SATA Erase Mode Characteristics

Drives that implement SE will report:

  • If they support SE or not
  • If they support SE Enhanced Mode or not
  • An estimate of how long a normal and an enhanced SE will take to complete

Does the STB Suite have a SE function?

Yes, as of version 9.0 the STB Suite has the ability to run a SE on either individual drives or on multiple drives simultaneously.

You can watch videos showing how to run a SATA SE from the Single Drive (Orginal Mode) and the Multi-Drive (DMM) from our Virtual Training Center here:

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