STB Suite

Sore Fingers – “Duh” moment

SoreFingerOne day at the engineering team meeting…

Several of us were grumbling about STB Original Mode device selection in certain circumstances.

The circumstance is when you have (usually) a SAS HBA which starts assigning drive addresses way up high in the address space.

The grumble went something like this:

“It sure is a pain when my SAS card assigns all my drives up above 260, ‘cuz when I rescan the bus I have to scroll all the way down (or up depending on whether you see things one way versus the other) to get back to my drive”

“Yeah, that is a pain”

“Yeah, my mouse scroll finger is getting huge!”


Basically the System View would look like this when you opened the original mode:



To find your actual devices you would scroll down to finally see them:


The big “Duh”

Then someone said something along the lines of “we ought to fix that”.

And so we did

One of the new features in the soon to be released STB Suite version 9.2 is – wait for it – returning to the previously selected drive in the device display!


Sometimes genius is just like that – only took 22 years to come up with that one.

Be sure to check that your Performa coverage is up to date – your “scrolling finger” will thank you for it!