STB Suite


SCSItoolbox Version 6.0.5 Release Notes

  1. Corrects a problem where all disks on multi-bus ATA controllers were not displayed
  2. Corrects a problem in the high-res stopwatch that could give faulty command execution times
  3. Adds user-definable thresholds to DMM & TMM
  4. Improves accuracy in the Disk AV/Data Performance Test
  5. Corrects 32 bit integer problem when dealing with RAID volumes larger than 1.3 TB
  6. Corrects Tape Media Transfer bug
  7. Added new tape function SCSITapeReadVL to ScriptWriter Pro, VBPSSL, VCPSSL, and SASWP (Stand Alone ScriptWriter Pro)
  8. Removed pop-up dialog in BAM and SAS Explorer that occurred on 8/31/05
  9. Fixed SAS Explorer stability with non-LSI controller