STB Suite


SCSItoolbox Suite version 8.3 Release Notes

Additional Features & Tests for all Products

  • ntport driver now can be used with Windows 7 and Server 2008 (32 & 64 bit)
  • SATA via SAS (SAT) support added for ATTO SAS HBA’s

SCSItoolbox Suite (STB) Additional Features & Tests

  • ATA/SATA Commands & Tests now work with SAS-attached SATA drives
  • All Threshold values are now saved/restored in sequence file
  • When viewing buffer contents, can now go to a user-defined offset
  • SAS Phy Log Page 0x18 decode and display of SAS Phy Event Descriptors

SCSItoolbox Suite (STB) Bug Fixes

  • Mode Page 0x19 SAS SSP Page SAS address byte-swap corrected

Disk Manufacturing Module (DMM) Additional Features & Tests

  • PList & GList test steps issue 12-byte READ DEFECT if 10-byte CDB fail

Disk Manufacturing Module (DMM) Bug Fixes

  • In DMM User-defined CDB, DataOut field has been corrected
  • Data Compare issue from beta release fixed

Developer Toolbox (DTB) Additional Features & Tests

  • Command-Probability-Sequencer: nGap value now wraps
  • Command-Probability-Sequencer: User-defined data patterns is now supported
  • In threaded tests, if a Unit-Attention occurs on reading of capacity, the Read-Capacity command is retried
  • New API functions to ignore user-defined Sense Key/Codes
  • Key Overlay added to data overlays
  • Timed tests can now be done in number of seconds

Developer Toolbox (DTB) Bug Fixes

  • Write/Read test, error reporting fixed

Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) Additional Features

  • SCSI controllers that are attached to a SCSI Controller are now displayed