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February 2014

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What’s coming in 2014?

What's New in 2014In 2013 we had several new versions of the STB Suite introduced – 8.7 (Jan), 8.7.1(Mar), and 8.8(Aug). You can read about these releases in detail online here:

We’re excited to announce a few changes you can expect in 2014:

  • Major advancements in our Automation Test Tools
  • Powerful new SSD manufacturing tools and test features
  • Ongoing support for new storage interfaces such as NVMe, SATAexpress, etc

Also, the STB Suite version 9.0 Release Notes will be announced in our March newsletter so be watching for that.

Performa! What is it?

Performa is the STB Suite annual support and maintenance plan.

In most cases each purchase of the STB Suite includes 12 months of Performa coverage.

What does that coverage include?

  • Updates to the STB Suite
    • There are typically two major updates to the STB Suite per year. In between these major updates there are typically a number of maintenance updates which will be used to fix bugs and occasionally introduce new features. For example, between the 8.6 update and the recent 8.7 update there were 6 maintenance updates released.

      With Performa coverage you are entitled to all of these.

  • Product Support
    • Performa coverage provides you with contact with our development team, to answer questions, discuss changes or improvements, etc. With decades of storage experience our support team is willing and able to help you.

      Our World-class support typically responds to email support issues within one hour!

  • New License discounts – New Feature
    • Starting in 2013, SCSI Toolbox now offers attractive discounts on new licenses when you keep your licenses maintained under the Performa program.
      • 1-3 licenses actively covered you’ll receive an additional* 10% Performa Discount on New licenses.
      • 4-10 licenses actively covered you’ll receive an additional* 15% Performa Discount on New licenses.
      • 11-20 licenses actively covered you’ll receive an additional* 20% Performa Discount on New licenses.
    • *Online Credit Card purchases receive 5% discount automatically. Contact sales to receive your Performa discount/voucher code to use online NOW.
  • How to keep Performa Active
    • Every time you renew your Performa coverage you need to update your USB key (license). This is a simple process whereby your key is updated to reflect your new Performa expiration date. Once your key has been updated you will be able to run any new STB Suite versions that are released while you are covered.

      Instructions for the key update process are emailed with your Performa renewal.

      If you have any questions about your licenses, Performa, need a quote or just want to talk, please contact Jeremy Wolfe in Sales at STB.

Free LIVE training for the STBSuite

LIVE Online Meeting with STB

Let us show you!

You can’t beat free, right? Maybe, you have an old license of the Toolbox (1996 ring a bell, possibly 2006, maybe run a couple versions ago?). Possibly, you’ve been thinking about using the Suite for years but haven’t allocated the resources. Why not take 30-60 minutes of your time and see if the Suite could help with your Peripheral testing, screening, etc? We’ll tailor the training to your specific needs and be sure to cover all of your testing needs, answer questions and see if the STBSuite is right for you.

The STBSuite is constantly changing and we’re adding new tests, features, protocol support, logging options, and test parameters all the time. So, if you’ve been running that older version let us show you what’s changed! If you’ve been running the Toolbox for years, let us review your procedures and see if we can help cut down your testing times and increase your testing thoroughness. What have you got to lose?

Request your free training online here.

SCSI Toolbox, LLC on LinkedIn

SCSI Toolbox, LLC on LinkedInWe’ve recently added a LinkedIn company page.

If you would like to add to your skillset the STBSuite knowledge or testing skills please feel free to add a link to our product page or we would love your endorsement on what SCSI Toolbox has done for you.

Our LinkedIn product page can be viewed here!