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May 2008

Command Compliance Testing for ATA & SATA disk drives

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This paper will describe a command compliance test to be used on ATA and SATA disk drives. A command compliance test should issue any task register command to any serial ATA or ATA disk drive and record the results of the command. This method of ATA/SATA testing allows the user to confirm whether a given ATA or SATA disk drive complies with the published ATA specifications, as well as to test non-standard or vendor unique commands. For reference, ATA and Serial ATA documentation can be found at
Table of contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Requirements
  • Hardware Requirements
  • User Requirements
  • Test Methodology
  • Normal and error status
  • Note:
  • Exceptions
  • Idle and Standby
  • Sleep
  • Security Freeze
  • Determining the drive ’s capabilities and state
  • The STB ATA/SATA Command Compliance Test
  • Test Execution
  • Customizing the test source code
  • Opening the project
  • Adding your own commands
  • Defining ATA/SATA commands
  • Special command sequence issues
  • Commands issued during Non-Destructive test
  • Using BAM to confirm testing
  • The next step – automating ATA/SATA Command Compliance testing in the STB Suite Disk Manufacturing Module (DMM)
  • Summary
  • Further Information

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Ask Dr. SCSI – “Are there any SCSItoolbox Suite tests that can tell if my drive is about to stop working?”

The real Dr. SCSIQ. “Are there any SCSItoolbox Suite tests that can tell if my drive is about to stop working?”

A. “The Sequential Defect Map Test will read every block on your drive, and will show you any extra effort that the drive had to make in order to deliver your data correctly. Did it need to use ECC? Did it have to use retries? Were negative or positive offsets required? Up to twelve types of correction methods are shown by this test, with a counter for each method.

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Did you know?Repair DLT directory

That DLT tapes keep a directory of the tape contents at the beginning of the tape. This helps the drive perform seek and positioning commands more efficiently. This directory is updated any time the tape is unloaded from the drive. But what happens if you are writing data to the tape, and lose power before unloading the tape? The tape directory gets corrupted is what happens! But not to worry, just use the Repair DLT directory function to fix it!

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Survey prize choices for April newsletterOur April 2008 survey winner is Wayne at ING, Wayne chose a $200 gift card at the Home Depot, congratulations Wayne!

We would like to thank all of our survey participants your feedback. We gathered some valuable feedback from the survey and we’re anxious to incorporate some new changes into the SCSItoolbox Suite.