STB Suite

March 2003

Coming March 17 – STB32 Version 4.0!

The latest Performa release of SCSItoolbox includes:

  • Real-time graphing of performance and error data in DriveWatch for disk and tape tests
  • The New Disk Screening Toolbox Module
  • A New Jukebox test
  • A New Bus-Bandwidth measurement test
  • Many new ScriptWriterPro functions
  • The New Developers Toolbox Library

All in all, seven new features, in addition to the 15 new features included since August of Last year! Click here to see the Developers Toolbox or the Disk Screening Toolbox. Watch for your Performa CD in the mail.
Ask Dr. SCSI – Why so many new features recently?

The real Dr. SCSIQ. With the upcoming release of SCSItoolbox version 4.0, how do you get so many good new features and tests into the SCSItoolbox?

A. The simple answer is – “well it’s better than being a hound dog…” and we listen to you! Back last fall we had a customer poll asking what features you’d like to see implemented. Graphic display of test results was high on the list – so we put it in. You also asked for more tests, so more tests there are – in fact the Disk Screening module that we added to the SCSItoolbox does more and better disk testing than any product we’ve seen. We think you’ll agree when you try it.

At SCSI Toolbox we have a goal – to provide our customers with the best testing value available, and to keep our products not only up to date, but leading the industry. But we don’t just talk about having that goal – we meet it. Three major upgrades so far since August – 22 new features/tests/improvements. Our track record sets our reputation – and we plan to keep bringing new and innovative additions to our product line, just like we have been doing!

So where will our next new features come from? From you! Call us, email us, tell us what you need the SCSItoolbox to be – we’ll make sure it continues to be the best value available!
Did you know?What mode pages does your drive support?

If you don’t, just go to the Mode/Log Page Functions under Disk or Tape Commands. Choose the Show All Mode Pages option, and, voila, every mode page that your device supports will be displayed! Magic? No, just the incredible power of the SCSItoolbox!