STB Suite


STB Suite version 8.7 Release Notes


  • Set DTB default driver to be STBTrace instead of NTPort
  • Install new VB-based SCSI Command Compliance file(s) instead of old ones.
    • This replaces the old ScriptWriterPro project with a complete Visual Basic project.
  • Update default.def file
    • This adds several new definitions for various Log Pages and Parameters
  • Use updated GetHaspMFC.exe to get DEP setting on Win7 properly
    • This eliminates all unnecessary DEP-related error messages or warnings during the install process.




  • Fix PreTest Actions fw/dl to work correctly with SATA drives
    • This automatically senses whether the drive under test (DUT) is SATA or SCSI/SAS/FC and uses the appropriate firmware download procedure for the drive type.
  • Change “SCSI DST” test step name to “Drive SelfTest”
    • This test is modified to detect the drive type (SATA, SCSI, SAS,FC) and run the appropriate short self test. See List of DMM Test Steps below in item #7
  • Change “SATA Info” test name  “Drive Info”
    • This test will automatically sense the drive type and use SCSI INQUIRY commands for SCSI/SAS/FC drives or SATA IDENTIFY & various SMART log retrievals for SATA drives. See List of DMM Test Steps below in item #7
  • Changed SATA FWDL
    • Removed from test menu – use old “FW Download” test step instead as it has been fixed to sense which type of drive is under test and will use the appropriate firmware download method.
  • Fix FW Download transfer length
    • Previously a condition could appear where the final transfer in a segmented firmware download would not be the correct transfer length

    Logfile path now stored in the sequence files and retrieved when sequence file loaded


DMM Additions/New Features

  • Add logging drive temperature to “Drive Info” test step.
    • Records drive temperature in the log file for SATA and SCSI/SAS/FC drives
  • Add SSD Preconditioning Test
    • This new test step does all of the steps necessary to prepare a SSD for testing or benchmarking.
  • New device display
    • Displays adapters and drives in a tree structure.
    • Adds a Status column for each drive to report test progress, errors, problems, status
    • Allows all drives attached to a given HBA/Adapter to be selected with one checkbox
  • Add new data pattern “Encryption”

A pre-created file of random numbers is used to eliminate the compute time needed to generate a large number of random numbers.

Add “Customizable fields in DMM logs.

  • Each test step can have a user-defined text field. Each test run can have a user-definable Operator field and Test Description field.
  • Add the ability to add a Date-Time stamp to the log file names
  • Update Drive Info test
  • SATA drives will interpret IDENTIFY information to include changes from T13 ACS-3
  • Add DUT Capacity and Block size to logfile header


When user adds a test, or modifies a test, or load a new test sequence, the special text field on Advanced Options is cleared


Additions/New Features

  • 64-bit support for “Number of Blocks To Transfer” (i.e. can now transfer more than 4,294,967,295 blocks in a test)
  • New test using File-based I/O
  • Add new info on “Transmit Mismatch Length” (user can now retrieve Expected versus Actual)
  • On error, add a timestamp to when the I/O went out, and when the I/O completed




  • Fix Original Mode Double-click to be correct with native SATA drives
  • Fixed Mode Page 0x1A display so IDLE_B is displayed properly
  • Fixed Quick Profile test to not announce read defect failed on SATA drives
  • Fix Idle_B bit setting in Mode Page 1A
  • Fix Display for Log Page 0x0E
  • Fix DCO Settings APM value


Additions/New Features

  • Add “restore original capacity” to Disk->Commands->Capacity/Block Functions
    • Allows factory default capacity to be restored if the original capacity is unknown
    • In STB Original Mode, Disk-Commands->Capacity/Block Functions
  • Add an Original mode SATA Corrupt Blocks command
    • If the drive supports the SATA WRITE UNCORRECTABLE EXT command blocks will can be corrupted from a starting LBA.
    • In STB Original mode, ATA/SATA->Commands->Corrupt Blocks
  • Double-click disk – report drive RPM.
  • Update SATA IDENTIFY to include changes from T13 ACS-3