STB Suite

What information is in the STB Suite logs?

  • The log files describe all device parameters and identification, such as manufacturer, model, firmware level, and serial number. All test parameters for each test step are described, and the status or results of the test are logged – such as “Passed” or “Failed”, or in the case of a test step with gathers data, such as the SATA Info test the data gathered is logged.
  • If the test transfers data then detailed performance metrics describing the transfer I/O performance are logged. This will include transfer rate in MB/s. IO/s per second, Number of blocks transferred, the fastest, slowest, and average command-completion time, and the standard deviation of the command completion times.
  • If an error occurs during a test all error information will be logged, such as “Passed” or “Failed”, in the case of a command CHECK CONDITION all bytes of the CDB will be logged along with the Sense Key, Code, and ASQ., as well as all SENSE DATA returned by the drive.
  • If the error is a data compare error the block number and byte index into the block where the error occurred will be displayed along with the expected data and the actual data.