STB Suite

February 2004

5.0 Release of the SCSItoolbox!

Better start lifting weights now, because version 5.0 is coming soon-

  • So many new features that you’ll barely be able to lift the CD!
  • Such as:
    • SCSItoolbox
    • Developers Toolbox (API)
      • All high level multidrive disk tests from Disk Manufacturing Module
      • All high level multidrive tape tests from Tape Manufacturing Module
      • All SCSI Protocol Control function from PC2
    • PC2 – Protocol Control Control
      • Set transfer rate speed, offset, data width, and more using LSI U320 Host Bus Adapters
      • Stand alone application plus API with Developers Toolbox

For the full release notes on the 5.0 release which includes the Developer Toolbox you can read them here:



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Ask Dr. SCSI – Quick Profile Test?

Q. I thought that profiling was politically incorrect, but you’ve got a Quick Profile Test – what’s up with that?

A. Profiling people may be bad, but Quick Profiling disk drives is a good thing! You get an instant snapshot of the drives behavior as far as transfer rates, defects, some common mode page settings, and error counts. And best of all, you get it Quick – that’s why it’s called the Quick Drive Profile. For slightly more detailed info on the drive just double-click on the drive icon – you’ll get more error details, and it’s just about as Quick.