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March 2004

What difference does cable quality and proper termination make on a SCSI bus?

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Ask Dr. SCSI – What’s the fastest way to wipe a disk?

Q. What’s the fastest way to wipe a disk?

A. The fastest way, if you are not required by law to use a government approved utility such as STB’s SCSI Datascrubber, would be to do a sequential write over the entire drive.

If you want fast, plus a good audit trail, I would recommend a sequential Write using a random data pattern with logical block overlay, then a sequential read pass doing a data compare to insure that all blocks were indeed overwritten.

Setting this up for one or a hundred drives is simple using the SCSItoolbox Disk Manufacturing Module. In fact, follow this link to download a test sequence that will do that very thing –



Serial Attached SCSI support with the SCSItoolbox

SCSI Toolbox is happy to report that our SCSItoolbox Version 5.0 is successfully being used to test and exercise SAS (Serial Access SCSI) subsystems at major manufacturers across the country! If your company is moving toward working with SAS, SCSItoolbox is the tool for you.