STB Suite


In the soon-to-be release of STB v10.0, it will have support for the NVME “Get Features” Admin Command.

You can access the “Get Features” via the top level menu (as seen in the picture below):

Once you select the “Get Features” menu item it will bring up the dialog below:

First you select the type of values you want to see – the choices are “Current”, “Default”, “Saved”, and “Supported Capabilities”.  Then you select the feature.  After doing this, click the “Get Features” button and the information returned from the NVME controller will be displayed.  In our example above, we have selected “Current”, and Feature “Number of Queues”.  The number of “Submission Queues” is 30, and also the number of “Completion Queues” is 30.  NOTE: These are in addition to the Admin Queue