STB Suite

January 2005

Did you know … That you already have Disk and Tape Manufacturing/Screening Modules?

That you have the Disk and Tape manufacturing/screening/qualification modules? We mentioned this in our August 2004 newsletter – but still find that many of our customers don’t realize that the SCSItoolbox includes the Manufacturing Modules! They are accessed from the Disk or Tape main menu choices. See this months “Ask Dr. SCSI” for more details!



Ask Dr. SCSI – testing multiple drives?

Dr. SCSIQ. “I need to test multiple drives – what’s the best way to do this?”

A. Use the Manufacturing Modules – here are a few highlights of what it can do for you:

    • Test multiple drives on multiple host bus adapters
    • Easy drag-n-drop test setup lets you customize tests in seconds
    • High I/O rates using multiple threads and command tag queing.

Any test scenario can be easily set up – feel free to contact support for help with any questions you have.




Did you know… Data Integrity Test

That the Data Integrity Test is a great way to quickly test tape drives? You can specify how many GB of data to write and read, and the test displays a comprehensive error summary on completion. If you test tape drives give this test a try!




Upgrade Offer – Very Limited Time upgrade offer!

Until the end of the month you and upgrade your Performa coverage for your old license of the SCSItoolbox for only $995! The offer expires January 1st, 2005 so act now!

You need a qualifying serial number, so contact sales if you’ve lost or misplaced your old license.

The upgrade offer can be found here: Expired URL