STB Suite

BAM – Bus Analyzer Module – Filtering

Access the new BAM Driver/Command Filters option from the top BAM menu


In this example there is a driver named “unknown” which is occasionally sending CDB’s to the device. We will use a Driver filter to tell BAM to ignore any I/O generated by “unknown”. Another common driver that likes to occasionally poke peripherals is “plug-n-play”

Use the Define Filters to set up our filtering constraints.


Typing the driver name in then clicking the Add Driver to List will tell BAM to ignore all I/O. In this exable we have typed in “unknown” and would then click the Add Driver to List.

Now you can see that there is less command “clutter” in the trace capture.

In the same was as filtering on Drivers, BAM can filter on specific commands issued from any driver. In this next example we will filter out all 0x02 and 0x4A CDB’s: