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Virtual Training Center

Virtual Training Center

The Virtual Training Center has been created to show you how to do the things you have asked Dr. SCSI.

If there is a training video you would like to see, please submit your suggestion using our contact page.




Video Tutorial Answer

Unlimited Drive Purging with STB Suite (NEW

This video will demonstrate to wipe Disk Drives to DOD/NIST erasure standards. Purge one to hundreds of drives with no cost per drive!

You can use SATA SECURE ERASE, Multi-pass IO overwrite, or SANATIZE and more.

Simple, Quick and Easy to use.

Purging Drives at Full Speed with STB Suite (NEW

This video will demonstrate purging many drives, each drive running at its maximum full speed, using the STB Suite.

We will show the incredible ROI possible by using or switching to the STB Suite.

Defining a STB Suite test to purge drives is a quick and easy task.

Every type of Approved Purge methods are supported with simple menu choices.

In the video we will define a simple DoD Purge, and create a customized certificate for each drive.

In the video we’ve got about 30 drives attached to our simple test system – we’ll purge them all at once.

Each drive running at its Full, Max Speed!!!

We can see the progress and purge speed as we go.

Drive 1 Speed = 253 MB/s
Drive 2 Speed = 100 MB/s
Drive 3 Speed = 96 MB/s

Each drive runs at its MAXIMUM speed…
No matter how many drives!

As usual detailed logs are recorded…

9.3.1 BAM Update video (NEW

9.3.1 fix for the STB Suite – Bus Analyzer Module (BAM). This interim fix is available for immediate download for Performa customers.

To access STB Suite updates please email or call 720-249-2641

-reference your four-digit serial number
it is printed on your USB Key or can be shown in the STB Suite Original mode
Help – About SCSI Toolbox

General Overview of the SCSItoolbox Suite STBQuickTour.wmv

Disk Manufacturing & Screening Module (DMM) – 9.1 Purging and logging addtions DMmPurge.mp4

How to use the SATA SECURE/SECURITY ERASE external executable via the Disk Manufacturing & Screening Module (DMM). By following this tutorial you will be able to perform mutliple SATA SECURE ERASE procedures to all of the HDD or SSD’s attached to your host system. DMMSataSE.mp4

In this video Dr. SCSI shows how to use DMM to perform a quick QC test using the STB Suite’s DMM (Disk Manufacturing & Screening Module). DMMQuickQC.mp4

How to repair a SATA Security Locked HDD using the STB Suite. RecoverSEdamage.mp4

How to use SATA SECURE ERASE (AKA Secure Erase) using the STB Suite. Menu choices from single drive testing mode. Disk > Commands > Data Functions > SATA SECURE Erase. OrigSataSE-VideoOnly.mp4

How do I use DMM to call External Programs? In particular do you have native SATA Command Compliance testing? DMM-ExternalProgram.wmv

How do I install STB Suite version 8.0? STBv8Install.wmv

How do I download firmware to a SATA drive using DMM (Disk Manufacturing Module)? DMM-SATA-FWDL.wmv

How do I access the command compliance functionality build into the STB Suite for SCSI devices? SCSICC.wmv

How do I setup a DMM (Disk Manufacturing Module) sequence test from the SCSItoolbox GUI? DMM-Introduction.swf
How can I send user defined ATA CDB’s using the SCSItoolbox Suite DMM? DMM-ATAUserDefinedCDB.swf
How can I send user defined SCSI CDB’s using the SCSItoolbox Suite DMM? DMM-UserDefinedSCSI.swf
How can I issue a SCSI CDB or group of CDBs (legal or illegal, and Vendor unique) to a target and replay the commands quickly? CDBSequencer.wmv

How can I issue a SCSI CDB or group of CDBs (legal or illegal, and Vendor unique) to a target and replay the commands quickly? CDBSequencer.swf
How do I change mode pages on a single SCSI, Fibre Channel, or SAS hard drive? ChangeBlockSizeCommand.wmv

How do I change the block size on my hard drives? ChangeBlockSizeDMM.wmv
How do I get disk drive statistics off of my HDD? DiskStats.wmv

How do I get the Log Data off my drive? LogData.wmv

How do I perform a Quick QC test on my drive? QuickQC.wmv

How do I perform an in depth HDD Test using the Disk Screening and Manufacturing Module that’s built into the SCSItoolbox Suite? InDepthDisk.wmv

How do I get the log data off my drive? And, how do I interpret log data? LogData.wmv
How do I measure SCSI, Fibre Channel, SAS, iSCSI, SATA hard drive (HDD) performance? Coming Soon
How do I measure SCSI, Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA Hard Disk Drive errors? InvokingDiskErrors.wmv

How do I test SCSI, FC tape drives? QuickTapeIntegrityTest.wmv

How do I write a Developer Toolbox test using Visual Basic? vb.wmv

How do I use the Bus Reset Tool in the SCSItoolbox Suite version 6.0? BusReset.wmv

What does the Bus Analyzer Module interface look like and what do the buttons do at the top? BAMInterface.wmv

How do I capture bus I/O using Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) while running the SCSItoolbox Suite (STB)? BAMCapture.wmv

How do I use the ATA testing functionality in the SCSItoolbox Suite? I would like to check my ATA and SATA drivesSMART data, ATA IDENTIFY data, SEEK, SET MAX ADDRESS… ATA.wmv

How can I configure my HDD’s to perform optimally for Audio Video (A/V) applications? AVOptimization.wmv

How can I test thresholds using the DiskManufacturingModule (DMM) or test thresholds using the Tape Manufacturing Module (TMM)? Thresholds.wmv

This tutorial shows how to capture commands and replay them with the SCSItoolbox Suite and Bus Analyzer Module. BAMSEQ.swf
Introduction to TMM. How to get started using the Tape Manufacturing Module included in the SCSItoolbox Suite 

  • Complex and Versatile Test Sequences
  • Easy Point & Click Test Sequence Definition
  • Detailed Logging – Access Database + Text Files
  • Pre-Test & Post-Test Actions

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