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New additions
to SCSI Toolbox32 version 2.7.33a (March 2002)

Fixes for installation
issues found with 2.7.32

SCSI toolbox32 Performa
version 2.7.32

The following additions
are included:

Tape device additions:

  1. SuperDLT drive firmware

  2. IBM LTO drive firmware download
  3. Seagate LTO drive firmware download
  4. Sony AIT & DDS drive firmware download
  5. New LOG SENSE pages supporting :
    • HP LTO drives
    • Seagate LTO drives
    • SuperDLT drives
    • DLT 4000/7000/8000 drives
    • Sony AIT drives
    • Generic tape drives
  6. New tape drive data integrity test

Disk device additions:

  1. Device Information
    dialog is available by double-clicking anywhere in the sequential or random
    test dialog area.

Scriptwriter Pro additions

  1. New jukebox commands
  2. added (documented in manualaddendum.doc)

    • Initialize Element Status
    • Initialize Element Status with Range
    • Read Element Status
    • Move Medium
    • Position to Element
  3. Compile Script functionality added
  4. Run Script added – allows a compiled script to be run without invoking
    the SWP editor
  5. Text “console” output window added – a non-modal output window
    that a SWP program can send output text to. The contents of this window
    can be saved to a file.
  6. Added function SCSIGetErrorDetails that allows a program to get the
    system, HBA and scsi status values for the last command that was executed.
    (documented in manualaddendum.doc).