STB Suite

Can STB help with our “in-house” testing solution?

STB Can Always Help!

For well over two decades the team at STB has been improving the incredible test tools that comprise what we call the STB Suite today!

The STB Suite tools are comprised of virtually every test tool you’ll need to accomplish your peripheral testing.

Engineering tools, Burn-In, ORT, MFG Screening, Compliance and more! The testing can be accomplished in a variety of ways also GUI setup, API’s, BUS Analysis, etc.

What happens if you’ve been using some in-house tools or a testing solution and for some reason you need to change? Maybe, someone has been developing the tests/tools internally for years and they’re no longer a viable option to maintain, change or improve those tests?

Recently we had a customer ask if we worked with National Instruments LabVIEW. We had reports of other customers using LabVIEW in the past with the STB Suite (in particular the Developer Toolbox API) but we hadn’t used it in-house at STB. So with a couple of on-site visits and technical support the Developer’s ToolBox (DTB), which is a set of APIs that are callable from other applications, was successfully imported into LabVIEW. In other words, if you have a LabVIEW application, and you need to issue I/O to a device (for example get Inquiry information from a drive, or read Log Pages), you can import our DTB into your LabVIEW application and call the API in DTB!

Once we verified that the APIs in our library was accessible from his LabVIEW application, anything is possible with the DTB library, including reading and writing from drives, to retrieving Log Page and Mode Sense data, to retrieving SMART data and IDENTIFY data from SATA drives, the sky is the limit!

So maybe you’re using LabVIEW another 3rd party test or automation system or maybe you’re using something that was written in-house, the simple fact is the STB Suite can be used to help improve, simplify and streamline your testing.

Contact STB today to find out how we can help improve your testing today!