February 2005

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SCSItoolbox Suite version 5.3.0 Ships!

The 5.3.0 release of the SCSItoolbox suite is now being shipped to Performa customers. 5.3.0 Release Notes

A few highlights of this release are:

  • Quick Command menus for instant access to common disk & tape commands
  • SAS Explorer for Windows XP – Buffer size / data transfers raised from 2MB to 32MB
  • New Manufacturing Module tests and options.

View the quick walkthrough of all the new features here.




Ask Dr. SCSI – I hear a lot about SAS being the storage interface of the future – does SCSItoolbox work with SAS?

Dr. SCSIQ. “I hear a lot about SAS being the storage interface of the future – does SCSItoolbox work with SAS?”

A. Yes it does, and then some! Of course all of the standard I/O tests will work on a SAS drive just as they do on SCSI or Fibre Channel drives. But, there are also SAS-specific features of the SCSItoolbox Suite too. For instance, you can view the SAS specific mode page and log page values. Not just view them as raw data, but interpreted for your easy reading enjoyment. And SAS Explorer provides an unprecedented topological view of your SAS environment. So be sure that you’ve upgraded to version 5.3 and get SASsy today!




Did you know…

That by right-clicking on a selected device you can access the new Quick Command menu? Go directly to user defined CDBs, edit mode pages, view log pages, and more!




The 6.0 release of the SCSItoolbox Suite…

Get ready – you won’t believe what’s in the works for our next major release! Look for a preview in next month’s newsletter – for now we’ll just say that version 6 is going to provide you a quantum leap forward in peripheral testing!

And remember, if you are a current Performa customer you’ll be getting the version 6 upgrade for free!