STB Suite

August 2004

5.2 Performa release for SCSItoolbox Suite

The Fall SCSItoolbox Suite Performa release is in final beta test, and will be shipping mid-September. Major enhancements to the SCSItoolbox include support for up to 256 LUN’s, and improved support for processor device type peripherals.

Major enhancements to the Disk Manufacturing Module include:

  • Easier Test Sequence Editing
  • Command Tag Queue depth – up to 256 outstanding commands
  • FUA on Read, Write, and Write/Read Tests
  • Byte Check on Write/Verify Test
  • Repeat tests by loop count or by specified time

Another major enhancement in version 5.2 will be the Developers Toolbox for Linux! DTB-Linux is our standard DTB library in shared object form. It runs under RedHat Linux version 9.



Amazing throughput for Disk Manufacturing Module!

Recent benchmark tests run at a customer site showed the Disk Manufacturing module generating I/O on a 2Gb Fibre Channel subsystem at a sustained rate of 177 MB/sec! If your testing requires high data throughput – nothing beats SCSItoolbox DMM!



Ask Dr. SCSI The real Dr. SCSI

Q. “ I need to change block size on lots of drives – what’s the best way to do it?”

A. Use DMM. On the SCSItoolbox main menu select Disk->Disk Manufacturing/Screening Module. On the Pre-Test Actions tab page click the button next to “Blocksize <> “, and in the edit field to the right enter the blocksize you need the drives set to. Now check the “Change” radio button to the right of that. Go to the Test Setup tab page and specify at least one test sequence step.

Now select your drives and click “Start Test”. The drives will have their block size changed, they will be re-formatted at that new block size, and you will be shipping them to satisfied customers before you know it!



Did you know…

That you have the Disk and Tape manufacturing/screening/qualification modules? Many of our customers don’t realize that the SCSItoolbox includes the Manufacturing Modules! They are accessed from the Disk or Tape main menu choices.



Did you know…

That each device tested using the manufacturing modules will have it’s own log file showing full details of each test run, and all error data if an error occurred? The log files are located in your SCSItoolbox folder, and the file names are a concatenation of the device address (HA-Target-LUN) and the drive serial number.



Dell Corporate License Announcement

Congratulations to Dell employees, who now have unlimited access to the SCSItoolbox Suite of products. In addition to the hundreds of Dell employees who have used the SCSItoolbox over the past decade, the new STB Corporate license will allow any Dell employee complete access to all Toolbox test products. There will also be new tools added, focusing on SAS and SATA testing. If you are a Dell employee contact STB Sales to find out how to obtain your Dell specific build of the SCSItoolbox Suite of products.



July survey winner

Swiss USB Memory KnifeFirst of all we’d like to thank all of you who participated in our July 2004 Manufacturing/Qualification Survey. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we appreciate your time in completing the survey!

The winner of the very cool Swiss USB memory Knife is: Haresh Shah at Intel Corporation.