STB Suite

December 2003

Where did the time go?

It seems like 2003 just began, but here we are in December already. What has the past year brought? A Disk Manufacturing tool, a Visual Basic and Visual C++ program development API tool, a few new custom end-user tools, SATA support, more SCSItoolbox tests and commands – I guess it has been a busy year!



What’s coming next year?

The development elves at SCSI Toolbox are hard at work as the holiday season approaches, adding feature after feature into SCSItoolbox version 5.0! What sort of features, you ask?

A brand new Tape Manufacturing tool, a SCSI and FC protocol control interface, more Disk Manufacturing tests, more versatile error handling, multi-threaded high level tape and disk tests in Developer Toolbox, and that’s the tip of the STB 5.0 iceberg. Stay tuned in the New Year for more details!

In the mean time, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and best wishes to all of you from all of us!



Ask Dr. SCSI – I need to test how my system responds to both correctable and uncorrectable disk errors – how can I do this?

The real Dr. SCSIQ. What is DST (Drive Self Test)

A. Drive Self Test, or DST, is a diagnostic tool embedded within many modern disk drives. These tests use a reserved section of the disk media to allow destructive testing without endangering user data. The DST routines can run in “background” mode while other programs continue to access the disk, and there are short (under 120 seconds) and longer more thorough test modes.

To see if your drives support DST, and to run DST tests if they do, just go to the Disk->Tests->Drive Self Test menu choice.


Did you know?

…You can repeat sending commands easily using the CDB Sequencer? Just enter the command name, then a comma and the number times to repeat. Need to issue 100,000 Inquiries in a row – just go to the command prompt of the CDB Sequencer and type Inquiry, 100000. Click execute or hit enter, and there you go!



Corporate Licensing for STB Products

Could your company use more than a combined 25 licenses of the SCSItoolbox and/or Developer Toolbox? Are you tired of using the hardware keys that are required for the Toolbox Products? You might want to take a closer look at our Corporate licensing options that include features like:

  • Unlimited Corporate usage of SCSI Toolbox Products
  • Special OEM build of STB products eliminates hardware keys
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  • Onsite Training

Contact Sales to find out if a Corporate Site License for SCSI Toolbox Products is right for you.



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New SCSI Toolbox Website coming January 1st, 2004!

Check our website January 1st to see exciting new features, like monthly quick polls, current news information, special offers, downloadable scripts, a fresh new look, and much more. So after the New Year be sure to visit our exciting new portal to the world at: