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Reselling Drives using the STB Suite

Reselling HDDs And SSDs


    • Have you considered entering the HDD/SSD, recycling, screening, purging, reselling business? Have you thought about what it would take to enter into this lucrative market? You might be surprised it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Maintain tight Quality Assurance

    • Before you jump in with both feet, think through your process. What it will take to be successful and how you are going to repeat the process to ensure consistent results. We’ve heard the term “dust and trust” and although it seems comical this isn’t the best method for ensuring quality assurance and customer satisfaction.
    • You want:
      • repeatable procedures,
      • documentation,
      • detailed logging,
      • and traceability for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Keep your customers – happy!

    • Your customers are happy if they’re getting a consistent product quality and trust that you’re going to continue to deliver on that. How many bad experiences does it take for you to lose trust in a supplier?

Quickly screening multiple drives!

    • With the STB Suite’s DMM you can screen anywhere from dozens to hundreds of drives at a time!

Repeatable screening is a must

    • Check for DOA
    • Make sure the drive isn’t going bad gradually
      • Grown defects
      • SMART
    • Set drive for optimal performance for the screening process
      • WCE
      • Drive Defaults
    • Update Firmware where applicable
    • Purge all data
      • WRITE SAME
      • 3 Pass if necessary
    • Screen for performance (Transfer rate thresholds)

No limits testing!

    • No limits to number of drives tested per license
    • No limits to drives tested per test machine
    • No limits on testing -Nothing additional required to purchase EVER
      • With the STB Suite, you get all the testing you’ll ever need!
      • All drive interfaces and protocols
      • Core STB Engineering – Single drive Testing
      • Disk Manufacturing & Screening Module – Multi-Drive Testing
      • Tape Manufacturing & Screening Module
      • Developer Toolbox (Powerful API)
      • Bus Analyzer Module (BAM)
      • One Year of Support and upgrades included!
    • No limits on time – Licenses run forever
      • STB customers are customers for life!
      • Once you have your license you’re set! No required subscriptions, support, or maintenance!
      • We often have customers call up who have been using their old license since the late 90’s
      • Get the latest version of the STB Suite by upgrading, no need to buy a whole new license

Eliminate Operator Error

    • Simplicity is best!
      • With the STB Suites’ DME or AME products you can run pre-defined tests without the chance of operator error
      • Load canned tests provided by SCSI Toolbox with the STB Suite
        • Canned tests for DoD purging
        • Drive Performance Screening
        • Quick QC testing
        • 24-48 hour Burn-in Testing
        • All tests are customizable – fine tune what you need!
      • Load tests that your technicians, OEM’s or other customers have defined

What traceability do you have if there’s a problem with a drive you’ve refurbished?

    • STB’s logging is the BEST
    • Text File and DB Logging
      • With the STB Suite you can save the log files for each drive that was tested. Additionally, you can save the logged results off to an Access DB on a network share that contains ALL of the testing results. That way if there’s a problem down the road you can pull up the testing results for that particular drive.
    • Logs contain
      • Individual Drive information
      • Aggregate logs for the complete test
      • Test Parameters
      • Operator Information
      • Serial Number information
      • Pass/Fail status
      • Transfer rate information
      • Super-detailed error information when problems are found
      • STB product information
        • STB Version
        • Test machine name
        • Driver Information
        • Time/Date stamp
        • This is helpful because other companies are probably using the STB Suite and sharing test setup, parameters, error handling the same ensures repeatable results

What do you do, if you have questions or something new comes up?

    • Contact the Dr.’s of SCSI – best support in the business!
    • 20+ Years of Industry Leading peripheral testing experience
    • STB has written tools for virtually every major OEM in the storage marketplace!
      • If companies like Seagate, Dell, trust SCSI Toolbox – We can help you test and resell Drives!

Contact SCSI Toolbox today to get started!

Be sure to checkout this article and video for setting up a quick screening process to resell your HDD/SSD’s.

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