STB Suite


SCSI Toolbox32 version 3.8.18
(September 2002)

Release Notes

version 3.8.18

New Features:

  1. Disk
    Screening Test
    • test
      all disk devices connected to every HBA in your system (up to 8 HBAs,
      125 targets per HBA)
    • user-defined
      block range, defaults to entire drive

    • if any
      drive fails or shows Grown Defects it is failed

    • all
      other drives continue testing

    • test
      output can be saved to file

    • Drive
      Vendor, Product, Firmware Version, Capacity, Serial Number, Number
      of Primary and Grown defects recorded

  2. New Scriptwriter
    Pro functions

    • SCSISetTimeout(seconds)
      – defines CDB timeout value for script

    • SCSIResetHBA(adapter)
      – resets the specified host bus adapter

  3. Support
    added for Emulex LP850 HBA under Windows2000

  4. Support
    added for WindowsXP

  5. Convert
    HP firmware download file

    • Converts
      from HP format file (with header) to standard download file useable
      with Segmented Firmware Download

    • Command
      is available under Options menu

  6. Tape Performance

    • 64K
      block size limitation removed – block size can now be entire buffer

    • Better
      timing used to achieve more accurate transfer rate figures

Bugs Fixed/Other Issues

1. Scriptwriter
Pro DLL bug fixed