STB Suite


SCSI Toolbox32 version 4.1
(July 2003)

Release Notes

version 4.1

The following additions are included:

  1. New Tape Performance Measurement test added
  2. Disk Blocking Factor Test bug fixed
  3. Tape Performance Test transfer rate measurments made more accurate
  4. SATA and RAID bug fixed
  5. New LTO Tape Cartridge Memory display added
  6. Format added to Disk Manufacturing & Screening Tests
  7. Change Blocksize added to Disk Manufacturing & Screening Tests
  8. New ScriptWriter Pro functions
    • SCSIGetBufferMode – shows current buffer mode setting of tape drive
    • SCSISetBufferMode – sets tape drive buffer mode
    • SCSISetTapeBlocksize – bug fixed that turned off buffer mode
    • SCSIGetErrorDetail – shows SRB, HBA, and Target status
    • MultiThreaded CDB’s – allow threaded CDB’s to be issued, and check status of threads
  9. Disk Manufacturing & Screening – Disk Firmware revision is updated in database after FW download
  10. Visual C++ library added to Developers Toolbox